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  1. The Real Modern Warfare
  2. VETS
  3. The Ultimate Noobtube.
  4. Combat Codpiece
  5. RIP to Britains greatest
  6. Brit snipers
  7. Libya
  8. CF Reserves
  9. AA-12 Automatic Shotty
  10. Bin Laden is DEAD!
  11. Osama Bin Laden is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Last surviving veteran dies
  13. Military outfits
  14. New Plastic Ammo LMG Light As An AR
  15. Return from Iraq
  16. U.S. and Danish Hostage Rescued by Seal Team 6
  17. Joining Forces
  18. Stray anti-military vibes reverberate as thousands of veterans head to college
  19. British armed forces get first new pistol since World War II
  20. Dambusters Derwent flypast on 70th anniversary of raid
  21. D-Day
  22. The Army Gives Soldiers LSD For an Experimentů What Happens Next is Hilarious
  23. Active Duty Military
  24. No more rates in the Navy