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11-26-2013, 10:17 PM
Here ago again. Another Korny review. I decided on the whim today to download NFS Rivals. I just cant help but buy new games. I of course got it for the Xbox 360. The last NFS game I played was Most Wanted on the PSVita. Lets just say it left a foul taste in my mouth. But having seen gameplay videos and reading reviews for the game I decided it was worth giving a go.

Ive put a little over 2 hours into the game so far. Ive unlocked half a dozen cars. Experienced both racer and cop. I must say, it really is a good game. The graphics on current gen systems are good. They are far from amazing but they are plenty good enough to make you happy.

The sounds of the cars are a bit meh. Id like a bit more growl to my motors but the game cant be perfect. The controls are tight and very good. The drifting is done very well imo. My very first turn I was drifting away like a champ. If you have ever played racing games in general before then you will have no problem getting a feel for these controls. The cars feel heavy yet fast. The sense of speed is fantastic. Ive been going nearly 200mph weaving in between cars and drifting within inches on walls. Def gets your blood going.

There's pretty much no story to the game which is to be expected to a racing game. It attempts to make the cop vs racer "rivalry" seen epic but its almost funny at how serious it takes itself.

The game does an amazing job at combining single player to multiplayer. Its a double edged sword however. Im tasked with going 165mph for 5seconds. I go out into the world and mind my own business. Driving in a straight line but then boom im being chased by 2 human controlled cops. Their task is to stop a racer or some sort of objective related to that. So here I am not only trying to out run 2 cops, but complete my own objective as well. The whole time Im gaining SP (which is used to buy cars, upgrades ect). However the thrill of the chase is the fact that if I rack up SP and get busted...I lose all my SP. ALL OF IT. The only way to not lose your SP is to find a hideout and bank it.

Its a hell of a thrill having 100k in points racked up with my hideout 4 miles away and being chased by the police. Fantastic. But also.....heart breaking. Its risk vs reward for sure. You can play it safe and hit up the hideout every 10k SP but it takes a lot of time.

The loading is a bit long for my taste. As well as the fair amount of glitches you will encounter. Ive seen graphical glitches. Lost all sound. Random disconnects. Ill leave my hideout only to have my car drop from 10 feet in the air upon load up. Assuming it doesn't boot me back into the hideout forcing me to select exit hideout again. Its not super common. But in the 2 hours Ive played ive had more then my fair share.

All in all so far Im very happy with the game. Id let it sit at a 8.5. As of now. I can see the same typical race objectives grow a bit stale. But having the ability to switch bewteen racer and cop helps reduce that issue.

After a patch that's fixed nearly all my complaints and a few more hours into the game. Ive decided to raise the score to a 9. Solid 9 out of 10. Its a blast to play. Havent had this much fun playing a NFS game since Hot Pursuit a couple years ago.

The top tier cars are FAST and controls amazing. I haven't even hit a point of feeling the objectives getting stale yet. Its held my attention longer then I expected to be honest. Im even finding it hard to decided if I want to be a cop or racer. Very good game. I plan on buying for next gen systems in a few months.

11-27-2013, 02:35 PM
Interesting read thanks Korny. Can I post it as an article again?

11-27-2013, 05:07 PM
Yes you can

12-01-2013, 01:27 PM
I edited my review above.

Toxic Avenger72
12-01-2013, 01:43 PM
I got this for my son for Christmas. I hope he likes it.