View Full Version : The After. A new Chris Carter (X-Files) TV show.

02-07-2014, 04:46 PM
The man behind X-Files aka Chris Carter has put out a new project. I found the pilot (came out yesterday (2/6/2014) on amazonoriginals.com

Pretty much what you do is watch the pilots they release on the site and the ones that get the most attention/praise are turned into a full series.

I highly suggest you guys give The After a watch. Of course take the little survey thingy and give it high praise. I thought it was a great pilot episode. Its about a group of 8 people who come together during the beginning of the end. Of course nobody knows whats going on or why, but this being Chris Carter Im sure there will be an interesting reason. The characters are all different and are entertaining. There is enough action to keep your interest. As well of course has an ending that will leave you begging to see more.

I highly suggest you guys give it a watch.