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04-09-2014, 07:21 PM
I've decided that since my gaming life has hit a rut I will use the time to work on some of my writing. Im always been a poetry type writer growing up. But I've had a few stories locked up in my brain that I've always wanted to share.

I've grown up thinking every single person has at least 1 good story to share. I feel I have a couple. I know Im not the strongest writer. But if I stay dedicated (lol) and go by my old English teachers motto "revision, revision, revision" I may actually be able to complete a dream I've held onto forever.

So if anybody is interested Id be happy to share the first (and only chapters) I have from 2 of my works in progress. Maybe you guys can help me pick on which one to focus on and seek to completion.

04-09-2014, 07:23 PM
First sample Ill share is from a story called Ash To Ash. Keep in mind its a first draft and will undoubtedly be filled with errors. First drafts always suck.

Chapter 1

I stepped outside into the dark depressing world. Cold chills crawled throughout my body. The eeire lifeless world was still frozen. As though time itself had stopped. A light fog masked the world, enhancing the eeriness. Ash covering everything like a heavy blanket of snow. Its been days since Ive awake to this new world. Days since Ive seen life. Days without answers. Why so much fog? Why is everything covered in ash? Most importantly, why in the hell is everything and everybody frozen in time? Stopped in place like manikins.

It was as though everybody was going about their lives, then suddenly stopped. Mail men stopped just short of delivering the mail. Vendors denied the dollar they charged for a hot dog. Couples holding hands like you would see in a romantic memory photo.

Yet here I am, still alive and alone. Clueless and in fear. Confused yet curious. As I walked down the steps of the front porch I peered down the streets. Hoping Id see some form of life. Sadly I saw nothing.

Taxi cabs and other motored vehicles all stopped dead in their tracks. Traffic lights still going from green to yellow to red. Crosswalk signals still signaling when it was safe to cross the street. I couldn't shake the eerie feelings. Something truly was not right with the world. It was like a ash winter hovered over the city. Bringing chilly weather and heavy ash fall.

Luckily for me when I wok up a few days ago I was dressed for the weather. A blue jean jacket, just heavy enough for me to stay warm. Matching was a pair of old knee torn jeans.

As I slowly strolled down the street I felt another feeling. Something that ha also been bugging m lately. My empty stomach was growling. Letting me know that I was starving. It dint feel as though I was losing energy nor feeling other effects of starvation. But I could tell my stomach wanted food. I knew Id need to eat soon or I would really start feeling the effects of starvation.

Ive been sealed away in the house for the past few days. No food was to be found within the house. Not only odd was it that there was no food in the house but it was odd that I dint know who's house it was. Id thank them for a warm place to else, but had no idea who or where they were. I tried to venture out the first day I came to. But once I seen the world I quickly retreated back into the house. Trying to find answers, trying to think of an explanation. This time however stepping outside did not shock me as much.

Dot get me wrong, I'm still shocked, but not enough to cower back inside and starve to death. This time I'm looking. Searching for answers. Searching for food. Searching for life.

I felt the odds were slim, but what did I have to lose at this point? I mad at a few blocks down the street before a thought popped into my head. I'm starving, there are vendors scattered around the city. Why not make a stop by one and see if they have something to eat.

Straight across the street from me sure enough was vendor. Not only that, but the cart he had food stored in was still working. I assumed at least as I could see steam rising from the cart.

I crossed the street walking between cars. Glancing inside each one to take a look at the persons. One car had a driver holding a cell phone to his ear, mouth wide open. It looked at though he was yelling at whom ever was on the other end.

"Speak up, I cant hear you!" I yelled jokingly.

I felt stupid for making a lame joke but that was normal for me. Corny and lame. At least I was trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

After passing by another car I approached the vendor. I was a bit cautious. Slowly inching my way forward. The vendor hand his held up in the air. Holding a hot dog in one hand and a corn dog in the other.

He was calling out for attention, but the only attention he would receive was from me. I lifted up the cart lid and to my stomachs surprise there was food. Not just food but hot food! I reached inside embracing the warmth and grabbing whatever my hand could clutch. Scored myself a hot dog. Normally Id head towards the condiment stand and apply ketchup for the extra flavor.

Instead I just crammed it into my mouth. Taking the biggest bites in my life. It was so delicious. But not enough. I reached in for a second. Again cramming it into my face. For a moment I was in heaven.

My feeding frenzy was cut short however. I heard a crashing sound down the street. I snapped my head around so fast I was able to see the trash can fall over.

"What the hell was that!?" I wondered.

I swallowed the rest of the hot dog and slowly walked towards the fallen trash can. I was scared. Curiosity killed the cat, my mother always said. Lucky for me when I reached the trash can curiosity didn't kill me.

It led to nothing. I looked around hoping to see something. No foot prints in the ash, no other curious beings investigating. Nothing. I shrugged my shoulders and figured it was a freak accident. A random freak of nature. The trash can just happened to fall over. There was no other explanation.

I shrugged the incident off and carried about my way. Walking a slow pace. Looking over everything. Absorbing the world. Studying it. Could I really be alone? Am I the last man alive, or are there others? Questions continued to flood my head. None were receiving answers.

I decided it would be best not to venture to far from the house. Just stick close by for now. Maybe somebody would come along or the world would unfreeze.

I returned back to the house. Climbing the narrow steps leading the the front door. Before entering the house I kicked the ash from my shoes. I'm sure who ever house this was would respect that.

Inside the house was much better then the outside. It was warm and cozy. Not cold and uncomfortable. I haven't explored to much of the house yet. Basically kept to the living room. A couple times I scoped out the kitchen and half bath room. Looking for food and to relieve myself.

Most of my time however was spent in the living room. Staring into the fireplace. At times Id think to myself. Other times Id lose touch of reality and yell at the walls. Blaming them for playing a cruel trick on me.

I decided since I had enough balls to explore outside id explore the house a bit. It was dark, but at least I didn't have to worry about any hidden dangers around every corner. If something wanted to get me surely it would have done so by now.

Maybe Id find some answers. Maybe Id even find another person, hiding away in a corner. Currently I sat in the middle of the living room. To the left of me was the kitchen and half bath room. The only part of the house Ive seen. To the right of me was a hallway that lead to darkness. There was no source of light. So I dared not enter.

Of course all I needed to do was flip the switch and turn on the hallway light. Why common sense ideas were hitting me now and not days before who knows. The last few days have been a blur. Maybe the past few days have really been weeks. Or what if its just been a really long day that has not even ended. What if this was all a dream? A nightmare. How could I wake up? Will I wake up?

I flipped the switch on the wall next to the dark hallway.

"Let there be light!" I said.

Low and behold there was light. The entire hallway was lit up and ready to be explored.

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My second sample comes from a story called Apocalyptic Love. Again errors abound Im sure.

Chapter 1

We stood there in the pouring rain soak and wet. Her face almost unrecognizable from the dirt, filth and blood. Her eyes still had the depth and shine that had always drew me in. A maze I could get lost in.

We had found a small area of protection from the rain and the evil.
Panic hit hard and adrenalin was racing through our veins. Our hearts where pounding almost as intense as the thunder above. We had few precious seconds.

I looked deep into her eyes. She looked deep into mine.

"I Love you" silently left her lips.

I nodded

"I love you to"

I so yearned to lean in for a kiss. To feel the soft wet touch of her lips one more time. The desire would not be fulfilled.

I knew time had come. These last few seconds had etched its way into my heart. No matter the outcome I would always remember these moments. Id recollect and cherish them forever.

Not wanting to look back. Never look back. The evil would without a doubt be there. Chasing us. Haunting us. Nipping at our heels.
Claps of thunder. Flashes of lightning. Rain burning our eyes.
Another loud clap of thunder. But this time the thunder had a more powerful sound. A blast of something extra.

Before I could even register what the sound I heard was, it was over.
She was falling. So gracefully. Twirling around as she dropped to the ground. Our eyes made contact one more time. Her eyes so beautiful, now filled with pain.
Her body hit the ground. In sync my knees hit the ground.

It happened so fast. I was kneeling over her. Holding her by her shoulders. Death came quickly. Her soft white face was covered in a mix of blood and mud. The tears from the last second feelings of pain had ran a path down her face. Leaving a trail of pure lovely skin.

Her hands held her chest. My hands held her.
She was resting. In her final resting place. So calm and beautiful.
She was finally pain free. It was a bitter sweet end. No more running. No more fear. No more hope of death to lurk the back of her mind.

I had no time to waste. Time for me was precious as well. How could I leave her? My soul was bonded with hers. My love even though now gone,was still strong in my heart.
I wiped away the burning rain and tears from eyes and stood up.
With a final whispering goodbye and a final silent I love you, I was on my way.
Running and running. Faster and faster. Dodging, weaving, bulldozing my way through the black wet woods.

I had no where to run. No where to hide. No reason to run. No reason to live. But I continued to run. Faster and faster.

My legs grown tired. My breathing became painful. My heart was about to explode. Fear and panic began to decrease. For the moment I was able to relax. To catch my breath and comprehend what the hell just happened.

She was gone. I left her there. What if, what if she wasn't gone? What if she had not completely faded away?

Doubt and guilt crept through my mind.

What if she was just now gaining conscious. Opening her bright blue eyes. Reaching her tender hands for me. I wouldn't be there. Nowhere for her to find me. All alone. Left to die. Or even worse. Left for them to scoop her up and do god knows what to her.
My emotions where running so wild. I became light headed and fainted.

I could see her smile. The radiant beautiful smile. Glowing and pure. Happiness flowed through her. Soft giggles and a happy sigh.

"I love you" she softly whispered.

To and fro...back and forth. Swinging. Like a child living a carefree life. A carefree moment in life. Playing on the swings of a park during a warm spring day. Her long white wedding dress fluttered back and forth.

She stopped swinging.

Horror crossed her face. Fear screaming from her mouth. But she was silent. Reaching for me. But I would not reach back. I remained still. Gazing and watching. The pain, the horror the fear. I could no longer stand to look at her face. As tears began to fall down her cheeks. Her silent screams had no affect on me. No emotional toll, no pull of my heart.

When I woke up I was sprawled out in the mud. Where was I? What happened?
Reality quickly set back in. I climbed to my feet and looked around. Glancing back and forth. Frantically searching. Where were they. Had I lost them?
I had to be sure. I had to know how close or how far away they were. I could not risk just assuming I gave them the slip and I was all free and clear.
I decided to climb a tree. If I could get up high enough maybe Id be able to see something.

See the evil or maybe even shelter.
Most of the trees around me were of no use. Either to short or not strong enough to hold my weight. Not that my skinny ass would be to heavy for a hundred year old tree. Once I found a tree to my liking I started to climb. Reaching higher and higher stepping up branch by branch.

I came to a point in my climb that I became nervous. Not because of the evil that was out there, but my fear of heights had started to kick in. An obvious flaw in my plan that I had let slip amidst the rush to climb.

Atop the branches I could see nothing. How stupid could I really be. I'm afraid of heights and its dark. Last I checked I did not have the ability to see in the dark.
After a moment of self pity and shame I noticed something.
A fireball was floating across the land. Below the tress and at a slow pace. Then I noticed another fireball come from behind the trees.

Before I knew it a pack of fireballs were dancing and weaving between the tress.
They, the evil were carrying torches. They had light. They had weapons.
I had shot emotions, lack of brain power and barely any stamina.
Thank god they were headed away from me and not towards me. A moment of calm fell before me. A sigh of relief. I had avoided the evil this time.
If only my dear would have been as lucky as I.

The more painful thoughts of her the harder it rained. Harder and harder. I had to stop. I had to seek cover. I could no longer let the pain eat me alive, and I could not stay out in this rain.

I continued to head the opposite direction. This time I was walking. Arms folded over each other. My heart rate were at normal levels. My emotions were calm and my mind was not a mess.

For what felt like hours I traveled the woods. The darkness grew darker the path grew thinner. I was alone. But I could always feel eyes watching me.
Was it the evil keeping me within their sight, but far enough away to keep them from mine? Or were the trees watching me. Rustling in the wind. Whispering to each other. Were they talking about me? Were they talking to them? Telling them my every move. Giving away my very position.

I decided that I was just going crazy. The shock form the death of my dear and the starvation I've been enduring for what felt likes days now. Its taking its toll on me. How much more could I take. My mind could keep going but my body had little left.
I finally came upon my much needed salvation.

A small wooden hut lay hidden away. No clear path leading to it. Surrounded by thick brush. I had almost overlooked it myself. It would be perfect for the night.
The door creaked and moaned as I slowly opened it. Inside was pitch black. I closed the door behind me. Pure darkness. Not a single source of light. No moonlight creeping into the hut. No fireplace already set ablaze. Nothing.

I reach into my pocket and pulled out a lighter. It was hers. For years I hounded her about smoking. I told her countless times it was disgusting habit. I had recently taken it from her as a final push to help her quit.

I slid my thumb across the wheel a few times. No flame. A few more tries. No flame. I gave a deep sigh. Maybe I should just give up. It was obvious the world was my enemy. Life was no longer my friend.

One final flick of the wheel and out came fire.
The small flame flickered as it gave enough light to reveal the contents of the hut.

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Holy shit! Can't wait for Ch. 2. :o

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Holy shit! Can't wait for Ch. 2. :o

Chapter 2 of which story Tweety?

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Really hate to read. But this kept my attention. Nicely done sir.

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Good work - I reckon story 2 is the contender.