View Full Version : BF2 Commander vs BF4 Commander

04-25-2014, 12:01 PM

In BF2, you had a wide array of offense and defense at your disposal AS LONG AS your UAV stations, Artillery, etc. wasn't being destroyed by the opposition. You had to monitor your team, the opposing team, set up UAV, send artillery, use global scans, spot, and identify, send supplies and/or vehicles. If your commander arty or UAV stations were destroyed, you had to fix them or they weren't available until they were fixed. YOU COULD ACTUALLY GET KILLS!!! Yup, kills, remember those commanders?

BF4 commander mode is such a joke. They could have made it great like it use to be, but they totally f#$ked it all up.

The video above shows the controlled chaos of what it was like. As messed up and crazy as it looks, commander mode was fought after, almost everyone would apply to be commander because it was satisfying to be able to communicate with all your squads and give specific directions to each one via map or vocal. There is no *reward* anymore, no "I feel like I helped" feeling. BF4 needs to put this back to the way it was.

You will notice that BF4 on the PC, which is in the video, looks sooooooooo much better to use. We need to have access to a mouse on our X1 for commander mode. But even in this mode, BF2 blows away BF4 commander mode because of the options you had at your disposal.

//rant over//