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07-03-2014, 12:30 PM
Hands-on impressions:

Back in 2010, developer Good-Feel briefly took on the Kirby franchise and gave us Kirby’s Epic Yarn, an adorable side-scrolling platformer positively bursting with ideas. Short on hardcore challenge though it was, Epic Yarn nevertheless entertained from beginning to end, partly because it constantly threw in something surprising and new (shooter levels, tanks, quirky boss battles) but mainly because simply finding and collecting everything was so absorbing.

Good-Feel look as though they’re about to repeat the trick with Yoshi’s Woolly World, which is a kind of hybrid of Epic Yarn and the classic Yoshi’s Island on the Super Nintendo. Players of the latter will immediately recognise the control system: you can collect eggs or lay eggs (woollen this time) which can be flung in any direction by aiming a moving crosshair and pressing fire.

Yoshi can also gobble up enemies and spit them out, either to collect items in hard-to-reach places or to nobble enemies. All of this feels as smooth and responsive as it ever did, and like Epic Yarn, there’s a great two-player mode (one player can swallow the other, which is either tactically useful or chaotic depending on how cooperative you’re both feeling), and that general sense of carefree entertainment.

We only got the briefest flavour of what Good-Feel have thrown into Woolly World (there are sure to be plenty of genre-bending surprises to discover later on), but it looks wonderful: unlike the standard-def Epic Yarn, Woollen Adventure is in crisp, beautiful HD, and you can see every thread and stitch in the game’s seemingly hand-knitted world.

Those who found Kirby’s Epic Yarn a little too twee for comfort will almost certainly give Yoshi’s Woolly World a wide berth. For everyone else, it looks like beautifully-tailored outing for Nintendo’s greediest dinosaur.

Release date: first half of 2015