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08-08-2014, 12:28 PM

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Retro • Retropyro
HardlyCapable13 • HardlyCapable13
TheFreak75 • TheFreak75
donhardeone • donhardeone
TrojanTeacher • TrojanTeacher
Landshark • TexLandShark
Raider • xoRAIDERox
Airease • Airease
Scooby • ScoobyStyle
SmokeyCheese1 • SmokeyCheese1
MustHaveBeenMe • MustHaveBeenMe


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Crusher-Kun •Crusher-Kun


08-27-2014, 04:01 PM
Scooby told me the night before last that he was getting Madden. That will be awesome as well as make an even 8.

08-27-2014, 04:26 PM
Scooby told me the night before last that he was getting Madden. That will be awesome as well as make an even 8.

We'll have 9, just waiting for Scooby and Airease to join in.

08-28-2014, 12:40 PM
If I'd remember Scooby's Gamertag, I would edit this post. Is it just ScoobyStyle?

12-12-2014, 01:54 PM
Currently Downloading - please add me to the list.

12-12-2014, 05:04 PM
Added you in, Smokey.

02-18-2015, 09:19 PM
Add me also i have it

02-19-2015, 01:08 PM

Is your XBOX gamertag MustHaveBeenMe as well?

Also, is there any interest in joining a Madden League with us? We currently have 7 players playing two different leagues. Let me know.

02-19-2015, 01:19 PM
Yes i would is it a weekley or every day league

02-19-2015, 01:37 PM
We have two leagues, both go at the same time.

TMP2 League - This is our Third Season on this league. If you want to join this league, you will have to wait until the Superbowl is over (two more games). We are currently waiting to see what two members are going to do (Freak and Smokey). If they defect to another division, then you will have three divisions to choose from (possibly four). If they stick to the divisions they are in, then you will be able to choose the Texans as your team. We stuck to two divisions so that we could have a lot of head-to-head matches. The league is advanced three times a week, unless asked to slow it down because of "life". Advance days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

TMP3 League - This is the start of our Second Season on this league. If you want to join this league, you can pick whatever team you'd like (that isn't taken, of course). We are currently in the Pre-Season, so it's a perfect time to join right now if you'd like. Advance dates are the same as the TMP2 league.

If you join the league(s), MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A COACH. Do not use a coach that already exists. Just make one that you can name and create. Let me know if you want to join a league, which league(s), so that I can send you an invite.

Play realistically. Don't go for it on 4th down all the time unless it makes sense. No hurry up offense unless it is 2 mins or less in the 2nd or 4th quarter. No play spamming or glitching. Play to have fun.

02-19-2015, 01:45 PM
Send me one for the tmp3 one look forward to it...

02-19-2015, 01:56 PM
Tmp3 sounds good to me look fwd to playing with yall

02-19-2015, 01:59 PM
Will send it out later today, or if Retro can send one earlier you'll be getting one soon.

Just go to the Connected Franchise Mode section and look in invites. I've already added you to my friends list.