View Full Version : Any sk8brdrs in the house?

Spike Forehand
08-16-2014, 11:24 AM
I skated a shit-ton in the late 70's after urethane wheels came out. Still get out and do some carves occasionally. Made this video with a gopro yesterday morning in my driveway.


08-16-2014, 11:31 AM
I was diehard growing up and into my 20's. Shattered ankle changed that as it never heard quite right. It reinjured easily, and my confidence level started going down.

I still have a board and can still pop a huge kick flip. Also landed a 4 stair handrail a couple months ago (had to show my daughter I used to actually be good).

Major Stains
08-16-2014, 11:37 AM
Great vid, although I nearly got a very scary shot up your shorts there!
Lovely neighbourhood too...

My skateboard days are over, opting for a much softer landing on water or snow.

08-16-2014, 01:53 PM
Skated a lot growing up. From the big fishtail boards with giant wheels of the mid-late 80s to the modern decks and tiny wheels of the 90s. I was never great at it, but it gave us something to do in our small town. I'm sure I'd look a fool on a board now. I still remember how to do various tricks, but am positive my body would betray me if I tried and deliver me flat on my ass.

08-16-2014, 03:03 PM
teen and high school years....it was all about skateboarding, hardcore punk, thrash metal, beating up my guitars....and more skateboarding. Have not been on a board in years, but managed to show off a little in our cul de sac with the neighbor's kid and his friends......cool neighbor status attained.

08-17-2014, 10:40 AM
I have recently bought another board so I could teach my 6 yr old Victor how to skateboard ! boyoboyoboyoboy do I suck ! I barely can ollie over the height of the sidewalk… gotta keep practising !
Loooove your vid, Spike !

Spike Forehand
08-17-2014, 11:10 AM
Street skating really didn't come to be until after my time - I was much more into vert skating/pool-riding. We spent many, many Saturdays looking for empty pools to sneak into or stealing lumber to build half-pipes.

The height for me was in like 78 or so when Cherry Hill Skatepark opened in Cherry Hill New Jersey. At the time, it was heralded as the best skatepark in the world, and was visited by a procession of Southern California pros. One slow weeknight, me and my two friends were there when the Maddog himself, Tony Alva himself showed up. We ended up skating with him for a couple of hours and even sharing some "refreshments" in my buddy Kyle's van with him.

Here's a shot of me frontside grinding the egg bowl at Cherry Hill Skatepark.


Spike Forehand
08-17-2014, 11:13 AM
And another shot from one of our many backyard halfpipes that we built.


Major Stains
08-17-2014, 02:17 PM
Tony friggin Alva!?!
You are my new hero... "Spike Z-Boy"

08-18-2014, 06:28 AM
I did a lot of skating in my teen years. I was never really that good. I pushed off with my dominant foot in the front of the board and my weak foot in the back. So every trick I would do would be in fakie. I never could teach myself how to push off differently. Leave it to me to be screwed up.

But it didn't stop me from skating. I quit after I split my helmet in 2 (thank god I was wearing it) and in the same week I managed to hit the side of a metro bus while speeding down the street. Never could find my board. Good times good times.