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08-23-2014, 03:04 PM
Last call if you want to be in the Xbox One Madden 15 league.

If interested go to:
http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/show...League-Sign-Up (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?10520-MP-Madden-Football-League-Sign-Up)

List your top 3 choices for teams.

If there is interest for a PS4 league, PM me and I will set up the proper forums for your league. Use the above sign-up thread if you wish to start a league.


For those already signed up in the XBOX ONE league, please confirm your team here;
http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/show...670#post307670 (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?10580-League-Owners&p=307670#post307670)

Also familiarize yourself with the league rules here;
http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/show...3-League-Rules (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?10533-League-Rules)

08-25-2014, 01:12 PM