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08-27-2014, 04:52 PM
This is a basic breakdown for figuring out cap penalties.

Contracts have 2 aspects. Base salary and signing bonus. Signing bonus is paid up front from your ready cash(in owner mode) and is spread out over the coarse of the contract for salary hit purposes. Base Salary is non-guaranteed money that you are promising the player.
So if you give someone a 5million dollar base salary and 10 million dollar signing bonus over a 5yr contract. You would have a 1million dollar base salary and 2million signing bonus for total cap hit of 3million. The 10 million would be deducted from your ready funds immediately upon signing the contract though.

This is pretty straight forward. Any offer will either get back not interested in *** player, not willing to trade **** player, need significantly more value, slightly more value, and accepted. Basically in that order. The value is based on percieved draft position when considering draft picks, and team need on players. Meaning in their needs they want a HB, then they would value your 80 HB as higher than your 80 WR.

If you trade away your players with signing bonus still counting, like if you traded the player above after 2yrs, 3yrs remaining, then you will take the remaining bonus in a penalty the next year.

IE 2013 sign 5yr contract above, play 2014, trade him in 2015. Then 2015 would still have the 2 million that was from him on salary cap hit, then 2016 you would have 4million in "dead" money. A penalty from trading away the player with bonus still remaining. This same system is used when cutting a player.

Signing bonuses are good for players that you know you dont want to trade away. IE lower base salary but higher bonus in order to keep his TOTAL cap hit lower.

Salary Cap-
Total maximum amount that you can pay your players, from a team standpoint. IE 120million cap is maximum your contracts can add up to.

08-27-2014, 04:53 PM
An article here goes into more detail http://www.maddenpfl.com/component/k2/item/207-a-noobs-guide-to-the-salary-cap-in-cfm

It's for last years game but all the concepts are the same.