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09-10-2014, 03:17 PM
It doesn't seem like the story mode is the big attraction for this game, but according to IGN it took them just over 6 hours to complete the story missions and get to the ending. However, they said that when you add the side missions they had to do to level up enough to complete the main missions (as well as time dicking around with menus, which doesn't seem like it should count), it took about 18 hours.

Honestly I don't have a ton of knowledge about this game and what there is to do outside of these story missions or if these story missions have replayability, but that seems a little short. Then again, there may be tons more to do outside of these missions and there is the promised "end-game" content that is coming soon, but I guess I expected a little more with as much money as it took to make this game.

I hope for the sake of people who like it that the game has some lasting power, but my guess is that it will be pretty dead by the end of the year, if not sooner.


09-10-2014, 03:34 PM
Destructoids review in progress is not very inspiring regarding the story.

Story missions, on the other hand, are rather drab. Here's how most of them play out:

You enter the same hub world on each planet -- you drive your vehicle into a remote "spoke" on the hub world wheel, usually a cave or building -- enemies pop out "unexpectedly" -- Ghost wants to scan the goal at the end while you protect him -- cue waves of enemies in a horde mode layout -- end mission.

That's pretty much it in terms of the campaign, and if you "grind" story missions, you're going to have a bad time.

As for their feeling on it's ability to last;

Destiny has a lot of fun moving parts, but I'm unsure of the viability of the game lasting long term. Unless raids really work out and people continue to play PVP for months on end, I think players will trickle out before the next expansion DLC is set to launch.

09-10-2014, 03:47 PM
Agreed. This game is going to dry up super quickly. I realize I'm currently playing through the same areas I've played many times before in the alpha/beta, but It's pretty damn boring/repetitive/dull.

I do enjoy the gunplay, and think it's a solid FPS as far as that goes. It's fun with others, but like Destructoid says, every mission is the same thing. One of my biggest complaints pre-release was how laughable/predictable the AI was. That hasn't changed, at all. Not only that, but there just isn't much variety in enemies.

And another thing; I've got a ship, so why do I keep flying to the exact same spot on Earth to start a mission when my goal is so far away? And why are all these lights/floodlamps on in buildings that have been abandoned for a long time? Who is paying for the electricity? Who is turning them on? Why aren't most of them broken or dead?

09-10-2014, 04:08 PM
I'll get shit on for this but I don't care.

Something bugs me about the lack of reviews. But even more I find it off putting that game sites are letting it go that Destiny wasn't properly available to reviewers ahead of time for pre/day one review. Then reading this today really made it troubling;

Well, this is more predictable than the next X Factor winner getting dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label within two years, isn’t it? As warned by developer Bungie, a French site has deployed the world’s first review of Destiny – and it’s mixed. In the 6/10 critique, Musga.fr bemoans the first-person shooter’s lack of variety, dearth of enemy types, and dreary story, while commending its gunplay and character progression system.
(http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2014/09/you_should_probably_ignore_this_first_destiny_ps4_ review)
The points certainly seem considered, but you should take this appraisal with a sizeable pinch of salt. As previously reported, the title’s servers only got switched on yesterday, meaning that this particular reviewer has had less than 24 hours with the final game to pen these impressions. We’ll be spending a lot longer with the title before giving you our verdict, but we encourage you to share your thoughts through here. Go on, you know you want to. (http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2014/09/you_should_probably_ignore_this_first_destiny_ps4_ review)

1. Most of the reviews in progress echo this early review - praise the gameplay while saying the quality and depth of the story is lacking.
2. This was stated by a Sony gaming site (not a Sony owned site, just a site covering everything Playstation). Telling people outright to ignore the review? Why, because it was critical of a game that Sony has spent a massive amount of money on?
**From the site
Push Square is a totally independent publication, allowing us to provide honest, unbiased opinion on everything PlayStation related.
3. Back to the no reviews at launch. Every other game that has zero reviews prior to release or embargoes that allow for release day but not prior, everyone on every gaming site loses their minds. Not a peep this time. What is the concern? This game with all the hype is untouchable, it's going to sell no matter what the reviews say. Are they that worried about those gamers still on the fence? And if they are, then doubts about the game are well founded.

If people love the game, great. Enjoy the hell out of it, I'm still on the fence and that's why this stuff annoys the hell out of me.

***Disclaimer: As noted prior in chat and threads, my choice of platform for this game was/is PS4. This is not against Sony in-particular but the industry and gaming sites in general.***

09-10-2014, 04:17 PM
I still don't understand how they can stop reviews. I understand an embargo prerelease, but once it's out what can they do?