View Full Version : Season 1: Week 7

11-11-2014, 09:43 PM
Continued to bounce back from my week 5 loss (still bitter!!!) this week. I put all of my game prep into QB and WR to build confidence and get them on the same page.

I started the game with some easy passes to help get Kaepernick confident. Some excellent corner play stalled my first drive, and I failed to hit a 55-yard field goal by about a foot at most. Second drive I went back to more running with playaction passes that worked pretty well to get my QB going.

Unfortunately, despite a stellar start for my RB, WR, QB, and Def...I made a bonehead deep pass against the wind that resulted in an easy INT for their safety. Just like that Kaepernick turned erratic again. Wound up throwing two more picks due to wild passes. Tried running more for a bit and then expand passing slowly that seemed to work okay. By the end of the game Kaepernick was firing on all cylinders again.

I got some serious boos out of the Denver crowd in the closing minutes since I was up by ten and was still throwing. I desperately needed Kaepernick to end the game with high confidence though. Two solid two-minute drill drives to close the game and he really was a different QB. Most complete game I have played, and stats look solid outside of those 3 INTs.

49ers over the Broncos 35-10.