View Full Version : Glimmer Farming

12-05-2014, 05:55 PM
Found a good place to farm glimmer on Reddit. Do the Exclusion Zone story mission with heroic modifier. I started the mission and popped a resupply code right after I deployed my ghost at the computer. Do your thing, but after the second drop ship flies in, leave at least one mob alive and go to orbit. Usually there are a couple of phalanx down the hill. Once you restart your resupply code will still be active. I found that I can get two runs with one code. Also, I found a network key (200Gl) and another resupply code almost every run so it doesn't cost much. I went for about 10000Gl to about 15KGl and a slew of vaulted network keys (for a rainy day) in no time.