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03-09-2015, 09:43 AM
Saw this post in Reddit. Thoughts? Anyone up for exploring?


TL;DR: It is possible to explore the Labyrinth when it is not a Darkness zone. I learned and observed some things while exploring last night and have included a list below; I will update the list if anything else comes to mind.
If your whole team makes it to the exit and proceeds until the "Vault of Glass" indicator appears for everyone, the game will lift the Darkness from the Labyrinth. The whole team can then make a u-turn and head straight back into the area and explore.
Video Proof:
One instance

General (The 15 most recent clips of are of activities in the Labyrinth) :

Several Notes:
The doors to the exotic and ascendant chests are closed.
Those seeking the Grimoire for a Gorgon kill can now acquire the card solo.
You have a 5 second respawn timer if a Gorgon kills you.
If a Gorgon kills you, upon (player) respawn, the Gorgon's will not regenerate health; they will have the same amount of damage you put on them as before Gorgon's Gaze death.
"White nail" does trigger on the Gorgon's critical spot.
Killing a Gorgon rewards glimmer and drops ammo.
To reset the instance, proceed out to the "Vault of Glass" title again then return. Doing so resets the any buffs the Gorgons gain from you killing one.
Upon returning to the Labyrinth, the Gorgons will shriek as though you've been marked, but you are fine.
Yes, I will be posting this in /r/raidsecrets
Something caught my attention:

At 00:17, I turn towards this wall and it flashes. Upon closer inspection, the concrete wall to the left of the flash looks as though it can open. If there is a sixth chest in the Labyrinth, the flash could provide a hint of how to trigger it. I do not know what triggered that flash in particular, I simply saw and recorded it.
EDIT: Found another video taken closer to where the flash appears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQuefvGv2Qw

03-09-2015, 10:41 AM
It would be fun to see. I think everyone has killed a Gorgon, though.

03-09-2015, 10:44 AM
Agreed RC I'm just more or less talking about more exploration, etc of the vault. It's been confirmed by Bungie that not all VOG chests have been found. I also know there is a ton of the vault I have not seen.