View Full Version : Destiny to Get New In-Game Currency, Optional Microtransactions

Major Stains
10-06-2015, 05:56 AM
Bungie announced today that Tess Everis will soon be returning to The Tower in Destiny, and with her comes a few new changes.

Along with Tess' new look and storefront, microtransactions will be introduced to the game for the first time. Through Tess and the all-new Eververse Trading Company, players will be able to purchase eighteen different emotes for their Guardians beginning Tuesday, October 13.

To purchase these emotes, players will have to use "Silver," a new in-game currency purchased using real-world money via the player's platform store front.

On Bungie's official Destiny blog, community manager DeeJ confirms the emotes are strictly optional and won't impact Destiny's gameplay in any way.

"If youíre not interested in what Tess has to offer, you wonít ever be forced to pluck an item off of her shelf. Youíll still receive updates to the game, and you wonít lose a Crucible encounter or fail to clear a Raid because you didnít have the right Eververse Trading Company emote equipped," he said.

Full IGN article here (http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/10/05/destiny-to-get-new-in-game-currency-optional-microtransactions)