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01-10-2016, 11:53 AM
Ten Commandments of Rainbow 6: Siege

#1 Disable The Camera Systems
#2 Coordinate Team Breachers & Assaults
#3 Control The Exterior
#4 Get The Most From Your Drones
#5 Use Effective Destructions

#6 Deny Their Intel
#7 Hold Your Zones
#8 Use Operators That Compliment Each Other
#9 Reinforce Trap Doors
#10 Create Ambushes

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01-10-2016, 01:02 PM
NB Request For Admin: Please Sticky this Post. Thanks.

Ugh :rolleyes (2): people always asking me to work so hard ....click. And I'm off.

01-23-2016, 04:40 AM
#1 Disable The Camera Systems

Strike out on the very first commandment. Yikes. Improvement potential.

Any intel on the pros and cons of naming a squad leader for each mission?

02-29-2016, 04:27 PM
Rainbow six siege 5 must have attack operators

Thatcher (Can disable any device through any wall, great with Thermite and IQ.)
Thermite (Break though any reinforced wall, obviously.)
Twitch (Can disable any device, can play a great distraction, and even kill an enemy player.)
Fuze (Easily the best offense, and the riot shield is great for argo.)
IQ (Great with Thatcher and Twitch, and good communication.) OR Blitz (The flash is too damn good)

Rainbow six siege 5 must have defense operators

Mute (Great against any drone, breaching charge, and Fuze.)
Castle (Stronger barrier, stronger defense.)
Rook (Armor is an advantage in a firefight.)
Kapkan (If used correctly, Kapkan can be very effective.
Jager (A good projectile can screw you over, as well as your team.) or Bandit (Great against Thermite, and effective for defense)