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01-24-2016, 05:10 AM
Greetings, my fellow Rainbow Six MPs.

This awesome game offers a variety of choices in equipment and operators. The loadout options are quite similar to that of BF and other FPS games, although they're a bit harder to find, and weapons choices, scopes, barrels, grips and so on took me a while to discover. (If you're still looking, you'll find it on the operator tab in the menus - choose an operators icon and change loadout or something like that)

In addition - if I'm not mistaken - every weapon is locked to its operator, meaning if you buy a scope for Sledge, you have to buy it again for Thatcher, fx. No lending of equipment between operators, then. Bad example perhaps, all the while Sledge doesn't strike me as the type to lend anyone anything at all. But you get the idea.

Anyway, the renown you make progressing through the game, racking up kills and wins, gives you currency to purchase this and that to improve your gun of choice. So far the pickings seems a bit limited, but possibly this will be adressed in later game development, most probably costing a bit of actual money to download.

But now - my questions to you are these:

1. Who is your favoured operator, and why? ("looks cool" is a valid argument, btw) Please include both defense and attack operators.

2. Which gun do you prefer, and what addons do you use?(scopes, sights, barrels and such) Much related to your operator of choice, of course, so feel free to include this point in your answer to question 1.

3. What, if anything, do you miss in the R6:S loadout options?

01-24-2016, 05:15 AM
To kick things off, I'll leave my own thoughts on the matter. Keep in mind, I usually use a lot of words to say things. Answers to this thread are in no way required to be quite as elaborate.

Operator and guns
For attack, I'm currently using Sledge as operator. Because he looks cool, of course. He also carries a sledge(duh!), and that's enough reason to pick him right there. It's basically a real butch alternative to breach charges, and of course you never run out. I find I can break through most doors or windows at an angle, making it less risky than alternatively be standing there in the doorway like a manshaped cardboard target(ten points for the head, heart and groin). Also, the sledge can break through all breakable walls, and make nice entrypoints or makeshift windows to shoot through. It also proves quite effective on the oh so annoying barbed wire you usually have to melee again and again and again to get rid off. One swing of the humongous hammer, and it's gone. Lovely.

Sledge has the additional perk to choose between shotgun and assault rifle (L85A2), from which I prefer the assault rifle. I've equipped it with a 2,5X magnifed scope, which I quite like to use in most FPS games which provides the choice. Makes it a bit easier for me to land those headshots.(When I'm not franticly spraying bullets, that is.) I also use a supressor, although it costs me an extra bullet for each kill. I just like the idea of the stealthy approach. Seldom get the satisfaction though, since most of my random multiplayer teams insist on running head first into every room, guns blazing. Hope to team up with some tactical MPs in the future, might come in useful then. Also attached a grip on this weapon.

He also carries frag grenades, which are fun, at least when they don't bounce back off the door frame. Since he's got the sledge, I don't need to carry any breach charges, so I always choose the frags instead.

For defense I pick either Kapkan or Rook. Kapkan for his boobytraps, of course, and Rook for his big bag of armour so that I can supply my whole team with kevlar vests. Rook also carries a movable metal shield, which is great for nestling in a corner of indestructable walls and picking off oncoming traffic. Rooks main gun is a choice between the strange looking P90 and the more traditional MP-5. Personally I've been using the P90 (with a holographic sight, featuring ye olde red dot.), mostly because it was the one I started with. Put a muzzle on it too, supposed to help the bullet spray from going all over the place. Jury's out on that one. Might try the MP5 soon though, just to test it. He also has the choice of the shotgun, which is nice if you're into that sort of thing. Kapkan sports a nice submachine gun, to which I've attached a holographic sight and grip to steady my - eh, well - grip.

Haven't said much about handguns here yet, might come back to that later on.

As to what I miss in the loadout options it's obviously the opportunity to choose and swap guns freely between operators, not to mention that sights and barrels should only have to be purchased once for all weapons. That's one thing that bugs me with Battlefield also, having to unlock all things specific to each and every weapon. It takes forever, and you spend all this time and points to unlock stuff for weapons you never use. I appreciate that this probably won't change any time soon, but there's my two cents of it, all the same.

On a side note, I recently splurged a few bob on some not so stealthy weapon skins. Sporting the zebra look at the moment, with a few snakeskin handguns on my hip. Color me vain.

Now, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and preferences. And fashion accessories. Strike a pose!

01-24-2016, 09:23 PM
I just want you to know I appreciate everything you write. I usually chuckle at least once with your unique take on everything this game embodies.

I prefer Rook on defense. His ability to supply armor to teammates allows me to feel like I'm contributing something....because the odds are I'm only going to get one kill before taking a bullet to the brain....so at least I gave you armor before dying. [emoji1]

On offense I prefer Thermite although I'm practicing with Blitz and starting to think he may become my new found operator. There is a sense of accomplishment when blinding the enemy right before shooting them.

As far as weapons, I like the assault rifles although I find it very difficult to control my accuracy. On defense I do like smokes shotgun although the shotgun becomes nothing more than a toy from a distance. I tend to add grips to most guns and seldom use silencers.....I can't afford losing the damage rating a silencer takes away.

01-25-2016, 03:37 AM
Thanks, Helmethead, I aim to please ;)
Thermite seems to be a badass, got to play him quite a bit on "No Intel" in Situations. Otherwise good to hear I'm not the only one getting killed all the time. Keep stepping on C4 and grenades, annoying really. We'd probably make a shit team, but I'd be happy to team up some time.

Major Stains
01-25-2016, 07:42 AM
Looking through my pitiful stats on Uplay, it confirms that my most trusted attacker (read suicide parkour funboy) is Thatcher. Maybe because he is a local Devonshire SAS nutjob, but probably because he carries the obligotory assault rifle and breach charge that I prefer. My motto would be "Go Hard or Go Home"!
Always handy to lob a few EMP grenades around any party (useful for killing the stereo if One Direction are playing).
Other attackers I enjoy using are Sledge, because I find a dirty great sledgehammer is the best way to make first impressions when meeting new people. And it makes my guns bulge when I carry it and Bandit loves to see me flex those badboys! Oh, and Fuze is great fun with a well placed 'cluster-nadefest'.

When trying to defend, I usually opt for a more 'let them come to me' role.
Finding Mutes jammers very useful, Kapkans traps, or Jagers counter-explosive thingymajigg. Scatter a little barbed wire around for effect, check the cameras, sip some nice hot coffee and if the drones didn't find us in the first sweep maybe even have a biscuit or two!
Being the first to die, I then spend the rest of the time spotting on the CCTV, and if I'm unable to get on mic then I will usually just be laughing at the following series of chaotic blunders that usually lead to our teams demise (when Bravo chooses 'Realistic').

Weapons wise, as with most shoot'em up games, I'm a bit of an Assualt rifle whore.
Choosing the middle man is my safety blanket on any killing field. I'm usually too slow for close up encounters with shotty's and SMGs, and I'm definitly too clumsy to be any use on the dangerous end of a snipers rifle.
As with most games, I will try to revive a fallen comrade even if it means I get torn down in the process. You can stick that on my gravestone!

Loadout options.
Yep they are too limited IMO. I usually spend spare cash on a suitable sight, a grip and I think I just covered my gun in with the stickers that Ubi gave me for doing the Alpha/ Tech Test. Because that was the last time I was any good at this game, and it says "Look at Billy Big Balls with his Alpha skins, he must feel so special and unique".

My biggest complaint is still matchmaking/ server hosting/ and in game options.

Apart from that, I can't wait to get back into this with some MPs.
I played BF4 all weekend because we have a sick kiddo and I needed to stay off mic for any unforeseen 'clean up ops'. But hope to catch you soon.

01-25-2016, 12:24 PM
I like your laidback approach to defense, Major. I mean, if we can't have our coffee, then what are we even defending? ;)

01-25-2016, 05:58 PM
I know there is a time difference between us, but it would be great to build a 5 person squad for some pvp action.

01-26-2016, 02:07 AM
I'm in, if it's humanly possible, meaning if it's not in the middle of the night or in conflict with family obligations. Or as Jim Carrey would put it: