View Full Version : Survivor DLC for PS4 Today.

12-20-2016, 04:02 PM
Competing for attention with BF1 and (believe it or not) Invisible, Inc.

12-26-2016, 03:13 PM

Itís been a rocky road for The Division. After months of post-launch support exacerbating problems and pushing away its player base, the game needed a major shakeup to get people back on board. It successfully pulled that off with Update 1.4, delaying the gameís DLC plans to instead fix the biggest issues with the game and bring it back on track.
Now itís come the time for Ubisoft Massive to look forward, and itís done so by releasing the gameís next expansion, Survival. While it isnít as big as the previous one, Underground, Survival is still a great bit of DLC for newcomers, veterans and returning players alike. More.. (http://letsplayvideogames.com/2016/11/review-the-division-survival/).