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01-23-2017, 04:57 AM

I recently bought The Divison and was planning on playing it solo. But after stuggeling to get out of Brooklyn I was "forced" to get Xbox Live and start playing online.
Since it was a long time since I last played online I didn't know what to expect, but I was positively suprised with the "All for one and one for all" attitude in the game. Atleast for me the game is to hard and it really force you to help your teammates.

E.G Last night I plaed the Times Square power relay mission with two strangers and "There was a Firefight" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsuH1msEkvM
At the end we had some problem with the last standing snipers. One player was unconscious in the middle of the square and both I and the other remaing player was low on health and hade problem getting to our fallen comrade. Some how we managed to supress the snipers so one of us could revive him (or her).

I am "almost in tears" when thinking of all the times total strangers stuggels to help other teammates in need.

01-23-2017, 06:55 AM
Great story Loranga

PvE in Division does show that people can play nice together, unlike in some multiplayer games.

I think that changes a bit once you start playing PvP in Division though

01-23-2017, 10:13 AM
I downloaded the demo for Destiny but I gave up the purchase because I didn't know anyone to play with, at my pace (once a week). Had I heard your story before, I might have made a different decision.