View Full Version : Survivor DLC "Not Installed" Issue

02-12-2017, 05:33 PM
Anyone run into this issue with the Survival DLC showing up as "Not Installed" at the doorway to the Survival area? It gives the option to install it, but selecting that just changes it to "Requesting installation from system", and it stays that way forever.

PSN store of course shows it as already being installed, as it is. Seems this issue started happening to some folks as soon as the DLC was released in December, yet I've been unable to find an actual fix. Ubisoft gives their typical pat/scripted/generic suggestions. "Restore the database", "Restore your licenses". Neither of these works.

Folks who have gotten past this seemed to do it by uninstalling and reinstalling the whole game over and over until they got lucky and it worked. At ~50GB, I'm not too excited about the prospect, and not sure it's worth it for what Survival offers.

So far, I'm not feeling like even the discounted $27 for the season pass has been worth it. Maybe I'm missing something about Underground, but so far it seems like a repetitive grind with few rewards. Seems like we've done better just doing Search & Destroy / High Value Targets. It feels less grindy when you are wandering around the city vs. some underground tunnels and rooms, and we seem to get a lot more loot out of it.

The base game has been a lot of fun, it's too bad the DLC doesn't really seem to be adding much new content or things to do to it.

02-12-2017, 06:41 PM
I recently put it on my PS4 but haven't played it. I deleted the division to make room but recently reinstalled. I think it showed as downloaded from the store but I still had to manually install it. I agree the season pass so far has been underwhelming, but still need to do survival and the final DLC to say that for sure.

02-13-2017, 09:18 PM
Yeah, looks like if I want to play it, I'm going to have to take the time to do a full re-install of the Division and hope I get lucky.

So far, I only really play the game during Co-Op time with the wife. She's not big on PvP, so I doubt Last Stand will have much for us. It's looking like since hitting the end game, we're just going to be doing a HVT or 2 each evening when we have time. Not sure if the game will continue to keep our interest once we've maxed out our gear levels. Might try to get her into the DZ, as much for the DZ only trophies as for gear, but she's not big on grouping up with folks she doesn't know, and we'll be easy targets in our group of two, so not sure that'd be a good experience.