View Full Version : Yes its a Hobby but now it's actually my Job!

03-02-2017, 12:02 PM
Hey fellow MP's! Been a while, as some of you know I moved three years ago and had some major life changes. Because of that I had to step down from a mod role and was absent for awhile. Well now after getting settled in out here and taking care of the kids (damn it there is another one on the way, how does this keep happening???) I have finally taken on a gig as a blogger. Yes, I know have to drink at all hours of the day and tell you what I think about it. lol. My main area is Bourbon and Whiskeys. So if your still reading this going to do a little plug for me. I will post my info below if you would like to follow me or any of my fellow writers. And if not, that's totally cool and look forward to getting back into the games. Been a blast of the last couple of nights getting back into some BF1 on the PS4!! Once again thanks everyone and still and MP for life!!

Kyle aka Blackout

Twitter & Instagram: @The_Bourbon_Guy
Facebook: @KyleTheBourbonGuy

Thanks MP's!!