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07-04-2010, 11:52 AM
To follow up on Blitzer and Teach's great C4 posting. I wanted to argue for the merits of mines. As teach noted in another post, not only can yet set them in neat geometric patterns and send vehicles lying through the air. You can also add them to mcoms and when shot, rocketed or grenaded, they will damage the mcom same as C4 so engineers can get in on that action as well. This can also be useful as engineers run with silenced weapons.

With tanks, apcs, and light vehicles they are obvious choices because you do not need to be in harms way to take out the enemy. And, the other day, I learned the hard way that they also work for water vehicles as a mine took my gunboat.

You can plant them pretty much anywhere and catch the noob or the person in a rush, but the best thing to do is plant them in water, shade or depressions where they are much harder to see, and on downslope where it is harder for armor to aim both see and aim their guns low enough. Even if you do not take out the vehicle it slows them down long enough for carl to finish the job. They also work well in rush even after an attacking group takes over a set of mcoms as they often do not pay attention to them when making their way to the next set. Kboom, vehicle damage, vehicle destroyed, double kill, etc.

In a pinch, they also can be thrown immediately next to a vehicle, but must be shot to explode as they will not arm immediately.

Keep in mind you can only deploy six at any given time so once you start deploying more earlier mines disappear. Also, unlike C4 they survive your untimely demise. On some maps I am happy to mine a location even if it means getting killed because 1) it helps the team, 2) you get lost of point taking out vehicles, and 3) if you care about k/d ratios you often get 2 and up to 4 kills for you one death.

Obviously, when driving armor keep all of these strategies in mind defensively and when it doubt shoot the ground in front of you.

07-04-2010, 06:53 PM
Yeah, the fact that Mines stay put after you die is great. Just remember to memorize how many you had active at the time of your death. If you died and 2 were already planted, then don't throw more than 4 on your respawn unless the other blow up.

I use to use the tactic of dropping mines on the MCOM and then tossing a grenade in to activate them. The only negative to this is that you can't resupply yourself once you've thrown them. That's the only thing that C4 has over the Mines, IMO.

07-05-2010, 03:03 PM
Thanks for the good advice. I didn't know that you could only have six mines out at any one time. I thought that each time you died (something I am really good at) you could come back and throw down another six mines and have them accumulate. Is there anyway to know how many mines you have active on the BF at any given time?

The other day I took out two choppers on Val Pariso with AT mines. Plant them right close to B MCOMM and if a pilot tries to land there (or just touch down)...BOOM! Crazy points with a triple kill on one of them. That said, I can't really take too much cred as they were both totally by accident; I was mining the area for tanks/ATVs and just got lucky with the two choppers.

07-06-2010, 12:15 PM
As far as I know, there is no way to keep track of how many you've laid out. I usually lay all six down. If I don't see any of them give me points by the time I'm dead, then I don't throw out new ones...I'll go and check to see if they are still there. If someone blew them up, then I'll lay out all six again.