View Full Version : Arica Harbor Callouts Pt 3

07-07-2010, 12:48 PM

Here is the Last set of Callouts for Arica Harbor. I rushed through them. So, sorry if they sound stupid.
A. Attackers Spawn
B. Gunners pass
C. Bridge
D. Wookie Ridge
E. Flank run
F. Tank Row West
G. Train yard- M/comm. A
H. Suicide run
I. Slaughter house
J. Crane 1
K. Container city
L. M/comm. B
M. Crane 2
N. Defenders spawn
O. Clinic
P. Gauntlet
Q. Wookie run
R. Armor pass
S. Warehouse
T. Holdup
U. Last stand
V. Dead mans run
W. War room
X. Wookie hill
Y. Defenders spawn
Z. Tank row East
AA. Sniper run

Now when referring to U. Last stand, also say the Floor and East or West. Like this, Enemy Last stand 2nd floor east. I know it is a little long, but it will have to do.