View Full Version : This game still rocks

01-13-2011, 11:20 AM
I know most of you xboxers ditched this game a long time ago, but it's still been a blast to play.

Last night, nobody was really playing bc2 when I got on, so I decided to start playing some MOH. I ended up spending 4 hours playing sector control (conquest in bc2). In SC, there aren't very many snipers, so you don't have near the problem of "spawn, die by sniper, spawn, die etc". I know that the PC and PS3 got patches that nerfed the sniper, but I don't think xbox ever got it. However, after BLops came out, there aren't many people playing MOH. Which also means, less snipers.

I've been playing Rifleman and Spec ops classes (almost leveled up all the way) and have really enjoyed it. Eventually, I'd like to level up my sniper, but I don't care as much about it. Last night I had several 20/2 or better runs as Spec ops (mostly).

If any of you xboxers are done with Blops and feeling a lull in BC2, pick up MOH again to fill the void till Homefront. It's so worth it!