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10-20-2011, 08:51 AM
Battlefield 3 Operation Firestorm map is an open map set in the desert with capture points surrounding an oil refinery. The map, in its Conquest mode, has plenty of vehicles, including Jets, Helicopters and Tanks, as well as infantry focused areas on the map. Operation Firestorm in Battlefield 3 will support all four game modes: Rush, Squad Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Conquest.

Operation Firestorm is one of the largest maps in Battlefield 3, featuring a wide open desert setting.

Operation Firestorm features

While the map area is large, the 5 capture points in the map are somewhat tightly placed together, meaning infantry wonít have any trouble advancing from flag to flag. The outer areas are quite open thought, with plenty of room for jets to navigate.

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04-24-2012, 01:54 PM
The last few times Iíve played this map has been a lot of fun. I think the main reason I like Firestorm now is because the javelin now works. Thereís nothing like standing near C flag when you see a laser marked target near A, lock onto the target then fire your missile. B-) Next you hop and skip towards B and after what seems to be 10 seconds a bunch of kills and vehicle destroyed show up on your screen. =)) I love watching the javelin launch and make its turn straight into the air on its way to the target. Beano even made a comment last night about it looking like I was firing them out of the ground. =p~

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