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Major Stains
10-25-2011, 01:33 PM

If you are new to Team MP and own a Wii, then welcome :hug:

You are in good company, as this group of parent gamers has its roots in the Wii console.
Started back in early 2009, it was created by parents, wanting a place to share some laughs and game with other parents during those rare quiet moments.

Team MP has evolved into an amazing group of gamers across all consoles, pc/mac, handhelds, you name it.
There is still a group of active gamers on the Wii console, playing all three CoD titles on a regular basis, and even a rare MarioKart.

Big changes are coming in the land of Wii. With the dawn of Nintendo's HD console, we hope to see rising numbers on the Wii friend lists over the coming years.

So join us on the Wii, for some good times.
Post your friend codes in all the relevant places below and add the fc's before you.

Wii Friend Codes

World @ War (http://www.teammp.info/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?4120-Wii-Friend-Code-Master-List-CoD-WaW)

Modern Warfare Reflex (http://www.teammp.info/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?4580-Friend-Code-Master-List-Modern-Warfare-Reflex)

Black Ops (http://www.teammp.info/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?5548-Black-Ops-Wii-Friend-Code-List)

Modern Warfare 3 (http://www.teammp.info/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?7040-MW3-Wii-Active-Player-List)

Share your thoughts for the new Wii U and more.

See you out there :cheers:

10-26-2011, 07:03 AM
Wii make it fun, and so do you!

01-23-2012, 03:35 PM