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11-07-2011, 09:40 PM
I'm new to MP, and new to gaming in general. I usually play RPG's and am still an old D&D junkie but as of late to relieve some stress and relax a little and to excercise my hands after turning a wrench all day, I got into x-box and FPS games. Started with COD. To many airsofters in my area think their real battlefield heros because they play COD and have massive scores or whatever? Anyhow, to my point. I get my mostr playing time on Saturdays from 1 pm CST until around 9 pm CST. I would like to play with, be pulled into some games with 3 other MP squaddies that all have comms either through the game chat, which seems to me to be rather quiet, or live chat or something? I believe that a 4 man team with one support guy for ammo that can move and communicate like real world operators could really dent or dominate the battlefield. When 2 guys move, the other two lay down cover fire, each and every time. Someone that will watch the "Six" everytime the team stops and above all, communicate to the best of the system or games ability. Since I am reall nbew to all this x-box and MP game stuff I don't really know how to join this or set it up. I served in the army for almost 11 years in the infantry branch and have a full and complete working knowledge of how that all works, just looking for some players to actually apply it in game. Just my opinion from my limited hours playing BF3 but snipers are a little over rated. They hide in good spots and kill you just like real world snipers so they are deadly, thats a given. Engineers, meh! Not trying to spend a lot of time running around the field planting mines and C4 and stuff to blow the crap out stuff, any grunt could do that. 3 assualters and a support guy on the other hand could be devastating! Especially when you lay on the new improved 40mm launcher and maybe even gave one guy with an 870 or the DAO. Fire, move, fire and move. Spawn in to your squaddies and continue when you die. Anyhow, if anyone wants to play in this fashio and sees me online, invite me to a game where we can get squadded up and lets walk on some people. Oh, and please forgive me for some of my typo's. My hands hurt most days after wrenching all day and working an impact gun or air tools and I make mistakes. Thanks. :D

Post Script:

Here's some pic's of me taken while airsofting, which is basically BF3 in real life without lead bullets.

11-08-2011, 03:23 AM
Nice pics mate.