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08-26-2012, 12:01 PM
Looks interesting.


08-26-2012, 12:07 PM
Follow this link for another video.


08-27-2012, 10:23 AM
A bit more info in case anyone is interested...

Game Overview
Happy Wars is a multi-player action game with comical characters battling in over-the-top combat arenas. Players can assume any of 3 types of roles--warrior, mage, or cleric--in a variety of battlefields including fantastic grasslands, a dark world, and the ocean floor, extending your territory by occupying the scattered bases, and cooperating with friends to attacking castles. For off-line fun, the player can take on missions in the solo campaign mode.

Key features
Three classes of characters with unique roles
The Warrior excels at close combat, the Mage at using spells, and the Cleric at team support activities, so strategic use of each class is your key to victory.

Skills enabling powerful attacks
A total of 27 skills with unique effect are provided for each class, such as "Spinning Blade" (twirling around while slicing enemies), "Heal" (restore friend's health), and "Lightning Strike" (crash down lightning to attack a wide array of enemies).
In addition, impressive team skills capable of turning the course of battle can be launched when a large group of team members gather, such as summoning a “Meteor Storm” or “Tornado”, or launching a “Charge” from specific battle formations.

Battlefields in contrasting types of terrain
The "Rainbow" battlefield features radiant grassy plains, "Twilight” is full of craggy mountains and lava fields, and "Coral" has terraced coral reefs -- numerous floating continents connect together forming unique stages.
The stages are filled with characteristic gimmicks such as jumping platforms, poison swamps, antlion traps... Leverage these to your advantage in the game.

Network gaming with players from around the world
Up to 30 players can play together online. A communication system for dialog and commands is provided to effectively overcome the language barrier. Players just select from standardized dialog items, simplifying communication.

You got a problem? Settle it in Happy Wars!
Players have the option to enter text as their "Tag". People with the same "Friendly Tag" are placed in a team together, and they are matched up against players with an "Enemy Tag".
Using the tag system, players have fun battling between clans or between "Dog Lovers" vs. "Cat Lovers", "Star Wars Fans" vs. "Star Trek Fans", and other factions.

Hone your skills with the single-player campaign
Pursue missions that follow the storyline in single-player campaign mode. Even playing alone is completely satisfying in this game.

10-11-2012, 04:09 PM
This game not getting much love around the site, and yes, it may be a bust. But since it's free, to me it's worth checking out. Drops tomorrow 10/12. 15 vs 15 castle seiging mayhem sounds kind of fun (even if only for awhile).