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11-02-2012, 01:30 AM
I was bored the other day and saw a friend playing this game. Unlike other casino apps on facebook, this one actually rewards you with real world from Vegas casinos.

Now its not what you think, its more of an account management game than "gambling".

Every bonus win is supplied with a game feed which rewards your friends with free chips when they click on the link. Now it's also not what you think, there is an app called Game Feeds which basically finds all the game feeds you designate and it automatically clicks on the reward links for you.

The more friends you have on your list, the more game feeds to farm and build your account and replenish what you lost.

I don't suggest you use your primary facebook account but create a gaming account solely for spamming the game feed to your friends.

There is a "system" to follow at the beginning to build your bank roll. I managed to get to level 15 in one night after getting a 40k bank roll by farming the free chips. Its the Loyalty Points you're concerned with as those are used to claim real rewards from the casinos. You gain LP's by betting, just like in real casinos, they comp you based on your bet amount and frequency.

Since chips are basically "infinite" (limited to 50k a day from farming), your main goal is to grind away and generate as much LP's as you can by betting the highest amount possible yet managing your bankroll.



My wife and I are planning on a trip to Vegas once our little one is almost one and before she heads back to work from maternity leave.

Some members of the group I'm part of have gotten 100,000 LP's after 2 months of play, which is enough to get a 2 night stay at a hotel.

From less than 1 week of play on my primary account, my wife and I have enough LP's for 2 buffet rewards (15,000 LP's needed)

Hit me up on facebook if any of you guys are interested. It really is not gambling yet some people actually buy chips to play!

Using the Game Feeds app, its actually hacking! hahaha

11-02-2012, 11:46 AM
hahaha, facebook clued in on the "hack" and shut down these gaming accounts. facebook has a policy for one account only. oh well, worth a try for free hotel. "Peter" was doing so well! hahahaha