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02-05-2013, 03:11 PM
Ok who has one and what do you think!?!?!

Good / Bad

Get One / Stay away

Been thinking about getting one of these since they have been out now for a little bit and others have possibly been thinking the same thing. Lets here from the people that have them what they think of them. I know I would appreciate any input back on them that I can get. Good games, should you get more than a 4gb card for them, accessories you just can not live without, and all the crap you wish you never bought for the thing.

02-05-2013, 03:59 PM
I’ve had mine for a little over a week now and I still love it. You can read my original post here (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?9250-Playstation-Vita/page3).

A 4GB card will hold 2 maybe 3 games tops. I think I had around 4 to 5 on my 8GB card and was getting memory full warning when trying to add more games. PS plus members will want to get the largest card they can afford due to the free downloadable games. If you plan on just buying the game cards then less memory is needed due to most of the game will be on the card. I was able to get a 32GB card from newegg.com for around $70.

I love my vita but that’s because it fits my lifestyle. Several days a week I have to run my kids around for art and dance class. Due to the time it takes to drive to these places I just wait for them if I don’t have errands to run. The vita makes the time I spend waiting fly by plus the few games that I have played have been really good.

Just hearsay but I’ve read people are thinking one of the reasons Sony may be changing their dualshock is to be able to fit in line with the vita controls making remote play fit on all games. If this is the case all games I purchase in the future will come from the Sony store. I already can remote start my PS3 with the vita, just can’t play anything using it. If you could play any game on the HD of the PS4 you wouldn’t want to be limited only to the disk game but have access to all the games you own. Of course this is all hearsay but Sony has some type of plan for the future of vita or they would have dropped the prices like Nintendo did when the 3DS wouldn’t sell.

The skinny: bought the vita used along with an 8GB card for $189 from GameStop. Also bought Need for Speed Most Wanted at the time. I’ve since bought a hard case for keeping it in and added a 32 GB card that should be delivered today. Will be getting Assassin Creed soon, you can find them cheap since they came in the holiday vita bundles.