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05-07-2013, 03:18 PM

I somehow missed this game last year. Being a fan of puzzle type games, I'm not sure how it slipped by my radar.

You play Vincent, a normal 30-something with a longtime girlfriend, Katherine (with a K). Katherine wants to get married, but Vince isn't having it. You meet Catherine (with a C) in a bar, a young, bubbly, care-free girl; and the affair begins. After this you start to have nightmares...

(confused yet? You will be in game too)

The meat of the game is the puzzle scenes, where your character is traversing levels in his nightmares. Think Q-bert style, but you have to push/pull the blocks to make a path and continue up. These levels are extremely fun and challenging. It's very rewarding when you finally complete a stage you've had trouble with. I admit I had to switch to easy difficulty, which is still challenging enough...

During the daytime, you control your character while at the bar, talking to other patrons and finding out they are having the same nightmare. All of this to me just gets in the way of the puzzle levels, but some may enjoy it.

Check it out. I guarantee you've never played a game like it. It is worth more than the $10 I spent on eBay for it. Honestly one of my favorite games from 2012.