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Major Stains
09-17-2013, 01:06 PM
http://i1355.photobucket.com/albums/q706/ChickenDoughnut/call_of_duty_ghosts-HD_zpsfb935e7d.jpg (http://media.photobucket.com/user/ChickenDoughnut/media/call_of_duty_ghosts-HD_zpsfb935e7d.jpg.html)

Welcome to the Call of Duty forum!
This is the list of current Xbox 360 players. To have your name added, please Private Message any moderator or admin (eg TonkaToys (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/private.php?do=newpm&u=196)) with your name and Gamertag once you have a copy of the game.

Note that we recommend that you include a message as part of your friend request letting people know you are a member of Team MP.

(If someone has a full friend list, please let the admins know via Private Message.)

Remember, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ADD EVERYONE WHO IS IN THE LIST BEFORE YOU! Do not wait for them to add you. Thanks

Please don't forget to join Team MP in Clan Ops here (http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/showthread.php?10029-COD-Ghosts-CLANS-(Xbox-Playstation-Windows-PC)) just follow the simple steps.


Board name • Gamertag


FeelinKorny • FeelinKorny

thefreak75 • thefreak75

Davidk • Des7ruc7ionDave

JennRal • JennRal

Hexor • HexorAlta

MUjedi • MUjedi

PrtMnOWr • PrtMnOWr

StrwberryMonstr • StrwberryMonstr

11-06-2013, 05:34 PM
add me please Des7ruc7ionDave

11-14-2013, 09:16 PM
Please add me: Hexor - HexorAlta

12-22-2013, 11:02 PM
Finally got this! Please add me

MissMandaMae - MissMandaMae

12-24-2013, 11:47 PM
Ok need to move me to xbox one play list traded in and up

02-04-2014, 11:14 AM
For the time being, I'm gonna have to be taken off the list. Life is kinda getting in the way of my gaming lately. :/

02-17-2014, 11:04 AM
Added MUjedi

02-24-2014, 02:27 PM
Hello all, please add PrtMnOWr and StrwberryMonstr, thank you!

Major Stains
02-24-2014, 03:19 PM
Hello all, please add PrtMnOWr and StrwberryMonstr, thank you!


Welcome and don't forget to add the peeps above you.

(I believe Jenn runs the squad side of things so PM her to be added if you use the app)
Plus I'm sure there are a few MPs still on XBox360, that haven't swung past to add themselves to the list, so you may bump into more out there!