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    Team MP and Beyond!

    Team [MP] has gone through many changes since its Birth in 2009.
    The Forums went through a big overhaul several years ago with a shift in design and membership. And it is great to see such active forums after this amount of time, which can be a rare thing in this day and age.

    I still belive that this forum has the right balance of game news with a few War Stories being shared, along with friendly chat amongst fellow MPs.

    But Team MP doesn't end here, adding an online presence throughout the ever growing World of Social Media, whilst hopefully not losing its members to the other outlets. We still love to see you here.

    Please feel free to visit one or many of Team MPs Social Platforms.
    Join them, add content or stay right here at the 'True Home' of Team MP.

    See you out there
    Please find below a list of Team MP Social Platforms

    Discord Team MP

    Twitter @teamMPgaming

    Facebook Fan Page Team MP

    YouTube ParentGamers channel

    Twitch TeamMP_Gaming

    There are Social Sites that neatly tie all those services together:- TeamMP

    And game specific sites:-

    Destiny's Companion App Team MP

    Battlelog Team MP Hardline Platoon

    As well as a GTA V iFruit Group.

    The PS4 Communities/ Message Boards.

    And more...

    ...So you see it is a tangle web we weave MPs. Go explore, but be sure to stop by here every now and then. You never know what you might miss!
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