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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Stains View Post
    So far my attempts of any back door action have drawn a blank!
    And I will be in a heightened state of terror stood next to Grrowl cooking his new nade. Just mind your step as I am a bit of a Claymore whore...
    I familiar with those claymores from that long session in Operation Locker (BF) we once had. RB6 is about to get a whole lot more dangerous!

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    "Back door action"? Really, Stains.

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    I finally got a chance to take a look at my PS4 since the update. Will have to watch the vid with the full list of changes soon, as all I really spotted were slight UI changes, new icons for communities and events, and just briefly glanced at the quick menu when putting it to sleep.

    So far quick menu seems the most useful addition, though I imagine events could be useful... or more trouble than necessary just to meet up with folks and play something.
    I don't really like the changes to the "What's New" section, as it makes it harder and slower to scroll through what everyone has been up to. The In Game section is nice, but poorly organized as most things tend to be on PS. I'd rather see it grouped by games, with a sublist of all friends currently in that game, that allowed seeing who and how many friends are playing each game at a glance, rather than having to scroll through a list of all friends in any game, each with a big, space sucking icon for the game repeated over and over.

    Haven't mucked with folders yet. They were nice to have on PS3, but as the PS4 mostly just keeps your recently played games in the main bar, I don't see as much use. Unless of course you switch the setting to not limit that bar. I made that mistake once. Then you'll need folders to prevent scrolling forever if you have a big drive and download every damn PS+ freebie regardless of whether it is junk or not.

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