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Thread: The Switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleytomaz View Post
    Why? You think it's that bad?
    What made you think that?

    I've had it for almost a month. Playing mostly Zelda. It is flawed, but I like it. I play Mario Kart eventually too, which is great.
    I can't stand how Nintendo does business (this console was released way too early). They frustrate the hell out of me.

    The console has so many flaws that are completely laughable it makes me wonder who the hell their R&D and testing teams are made up of.

    Then this to chat? Seriously?

    I did play Zelda quite a bit, but it just didn't make me HAVE to keep jumping back in. The only time I played it was on the road. When I was home, I'd pick the Xbox One or PS4 every time. The weapons breaking every few minutes made me loathe firing the game up, and eventually just not play it anymore. I did (for some reason) buy Mario Kart, even though I had it on the WiiU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardlyCapable13 View Post
    (this console was released way too early).
    I have to agree with you there, but I also agree with these guys from IGN:

    Unlike you, I can't get enough of Zelda, so I've been barely touching my PS4 lately. And playing a game like that on the road is great.

    But then again, I had to take the opportunity of traveling to the US to get it. I couldn't wait to have it 100% ready with chat and whatever else, and then having to pay astronomic Brazilian prices for it.
    You guys can wait for a switch 2.0 or for the patches it needs. Makes sense.

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