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    New Orleans

    One city I've always wanted to check out is New Orleans. My upcoming trip next week has me staying there 2 nights to check out a location for one of our upcoming franchises. Anyone been there? I'm looking for can't miss things to do/see; both day time things to check out and night time drinking spots. I love taking in history, culture, architecture, and whatever else is interesting of the places I visit.

    Also, West Palm Beach will be on this trip too, so any info there would be appreciated as well.
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    Met up with some friends there last June for the wife's 40th. Was only there 3 days and definitely have to visit again ASAP. It rained a lot, so there weren't quite as many street artists out, and most tours weren't runninng. Mostly, we just grabbed drinks and wandered around the French Quarter, stopping for more drinks or something to eat here and there. Highlights were Blackened Gator Bites at Felix's, Mufalleta at Cafe Beignet, though supposedly City Grocery and Deli has the best Mufaletta. Food everywhere was great though. I enjoyed sitting around at Jackson Square, drinking some sort of Rum & Sweet Tea drink they mix up good and strong at a bar on the edge of the square. Wasn't too impressed with the coffee or beignet's at Cafe Du Monde, though it was a nice place to get out of the rain at 1am.

    Best night though, was when the wife and I got away from our friends, wandered into the Boondock Saints bar, which turned out to be a mostly locals hangout. We befriended the bartender and some regulars, I drank most of the Glens, was introduced to Redbreast 12, and we ended up being taken to the Erin Rose, a little hole in the wall locals bar. I'd definitely recommend the Boondock Saints over most of the bars in the Bourbon Street area. Real drinks and 99% frat boy free.

    Those are just the things I stumbled onto. I'm sure others around here have spent more time there, and know the must see places. But, as long as you've got a chance to eat, drink, and explore the city, I can't imagine not having a great visit.

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    never been but a buddy went within the last few years and said if you want more of the local feel and find some cool history step into the areas surrounding the French Quarter and you'll be pleased as to what you find. Similar to what Gink said you'll see more locals and fewer party boys.

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