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Thread: Xbox One X

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    Got my Scorpio edition today. Just need to wait for the kids to go to bed to set it up!

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    Nice! Give us a rundown once you've used it. My son wants an Xbox for Christmas from Santa... I'm all for it but my wife is sceptical as we already have a PS4, and only one telly upstairs for gaming.

    I reckon I will be able to get a pretty good deal soon on the older XBone, but the question is should I go for the Scorpio? If I did, I'd then need to buy a new 4K HDR telly to get the most out of it, which would probably go into the living room and that is a no-no because that is where the missus sits to watch TV.

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    Hooked my X up last night. Didn't get a chance to play anything, but it's much faster. Looking forward to jumping back into Forza tonight.
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    As I finally get used to the controls and structure of the X1X I am really starting to feel the benefits of the extra juice, even though I'm still using a 1080p display.

    Load times are quick, console start-up time is almost non-existent, and the games I've tried so far - Gears of War 4, Titanfall 2, and Skate 3 - all run really smooth.

    Best of the three by far is Titanfall 2 - best looking game I've ever played on console. I used to think I didn't really care about 30FPS vs. 60FPS, but I'm becoming a believer. Gears is OK and looks very pretty, but the campaign and the controls/shooting mechanics are just not that good imo. Skate 3 as an original 360 game is noticeably lesser quality in the graphics area, and is something I'll probably delete pretty quick as the game play seems pretty standard skate-game-boring. (As a former and still occasional skateboarder, I have to at least try the skating games when the opportunity is there for a free one via EA Access).

    Will be interesting to see how PUBG runs on this thing compared to my gaming laptop - which can only run it on "Low" settings to keep FPS near 60.

    Probably still about a year at least from upgrading my projector to 4k, as the prices on good quality true 4k projectors is only now starting to drop into the reasonable range. I'll get there eventually though.

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