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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike Forehand View Post
    Me, lakiboy, and dirtydisc got the NF done last night all wearing the clan tag, so hopefully you guys get your engram for it - at least I think that's how it's supposed to work? I know the clan guy had one for me when we were done.

    Boss was as usual kind of annoying as you can't do consistent DPS on him until the latter phases. When we finally got him, it was using a combo of shields dropped by Lakiboy on the circles, with me dropping healing circles and dirtydisc dropping empowering rifts. You really need to focus on staying alive and putting DPS on the final boss once he stops that moving around nonsense.
    Picked up the engram last night from Hawthorne, thanks guys!
    The wife and I took a stab at the NF, considered looking for an available MP to fill out the fireteam, but she's still unsure about the whole playing with "strangers" thing. I try to tell her MPs are strange, but not strangers, so maybe one of these days. She'd never attempted a nightfall, and I hadn't done one in years, so it was good to get an idea of the new mechanics and the general difficulty without feeling like we were dropping the ball for anyone. Obviously with a fireteam of 2 "casual" guardians in the 275-278 power range we didn't stand much chance of making it in time. But it was good practice and nice to have a different sort of challenge in the game. Look forward to doing more of these going forward, and hopefully managing to get on at the right times to take my 2nd character on some runs with other MPs.

    I think for most of the engrams we need 50% or more MPs in a fireteam. 2/3 for most things. If the crucible engram doesn't pop sometime today I'll probably be looking for folks to jump in with this evening. I still haven't played any crucible in D2, should be interesting. Or maybe I can convince the Ol' Warlock to give it a go. She's never been one for PvP, but you never know. I imagine lots of yelling when she dies, but we all know addictive it can get once you start getting some traction and have a round or two where you give as good as you get.

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    I have to say I'm getting very addicted to competitive crucible. I don't recall this format being in D1, but the limited lives/no respawn makes it so intense. Last night I ran with a friend on mine (who I'm trying to get to join MP, he's got two kids), and we ended up in Survival with one other guy. For some reason it made us 3 v 4. Other games always fill in the empty slot but it doesn't seem Destiny does? Neither of us is great at PvP, but I figured what the hell lets see how we do one man down. We lose round one, but not badly. After our first win, I kind of thought to myself that we could pull it off. Finally get to the last round, three wins for each team. The last match is pretty even, when my friend and our random partner pull their supers and wreck them. The timer runs out, and somehow we pull off the win. I'm so lucky I didn't wake my daughter, because I'm sure I squealed with joy just how she does.

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