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    I finally finished the campaign. I've also done a few adventure missions, a single strike, two subclass quests, four crucible matches, and several public events. I already feel like I got my money's worth out of this game, whereas with D1 I felt like I was ripped off. The campaign itself is so much more substantial than in D1. and there is still an incredible amount of single player content left for me to do.

    In D1 as soon as I hit level 20 I felt like the grind began, but with so many quests and lost zones on my map I haven't felt the grind at all.

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    Got the Nightfall done on Saturday with Johnny H and his buddy/Olive Guardian guy PvtCaboose.

    Still enjoying it, but the last boss was a little bit annoying. Not a huge fan of the timer mechanic, as I think the Nightfall squad wipe mechanic of Destiny 1 was better.

    Gonna try to run it again tonight with Dirtdisc (Steve - the new PS4 MP who happens to sit in the office next to me at work) if anyone wants to try to crack it again.

    Presto Bitch!!

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