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    Heroic Public Events

    I know that personally I've done scores of public events, at some point realized there were "Heroic" public events available, but didn't know where/how, then finally found myself at an event with an interceptor and got sick of the ship bombing us and shot it down, which changed the whole event... So, did a bit of digging and found out that pretty much all public events are capable of being "Heroic", if certain things are done during the event. This reaps better rewards and apparently is a good way to get exotic engrams.

    So far, this is the best guide I've found:

    -Cabal Excavation
    After the event starts, stand in the circular capture point around the drill. Keep an eye out on the red lasers to avoid the mortar fire. While there is no cover, you must defeat Legionaries, Incendiors, Phalanxes, and Psions. Capture the drill within the time limit to earn Gold ranking.
    Heroic Requirement: Capture the drill to 30% and destroy a Cabal Mosquito Ship that flies around the area followed by defeating a Boss Centurion.
    -Glimmer Extraction
    You need to defeat the Fallen commanders followed by an Elite Captain with a drill within the time limit. Note that the drill continues to appear at different locations within the Sector accompanied by enemy waves. Defeat the commanders within time limit to earn Gold ranking.
    Heroic Requirement: You need to destroy a total of three refineries and capture the Glimmer while dealing with a Boss Captain and Fallen enemies.
    -Injection Rig
    You come across a Spirelord Psion who activates a defensive purge and force field around a Cabal injection rig. Everyone inside the shield receives burning damage unless you get out of it. The process repeats thrice, therefore, you are needed to avoid three purges and defeat three Infiltration Psions. Once done, you are asked to defeat a Valus Centurion. You achieve the Gold ranking if you manage to defeat the Psions and Centurion within the time limit.
    Heroic Requirement: You should see open vents on the Cabal injection rig. First, the top ones appear. If you manage to destroy them, the middle ones appear and lastly, the bottom ones appear. You must destroy three tiers and defeat the Valus Centurion.
    -Servitor Resupply
    You see a Boss Servitor that chooses a Guardian who gets teleported to a nearby location. The chosen Guardian receives a shield but must try to avoid getting picked again for about 30 seconds. The Boss Servitor also draws power from an Elite Servitor whom he continues to shield. You must defeat the smaller Servitor to remove shield the Boss Servitor. At about 50% HP, three Elite Servitors appear and provide power to the Boss Servitor. This causes him to become super-charged until the Elites leave about 30 seconds later. You must defeat the Boss Servitor within the time limit to achieve Gold ranking.
    Heroic Requirement: You must kill all three Elite Servitors before they disappear followed by killing the Boss Servitor while it is in super-charged form.
    -Spire Integration
    You should see a Vex conflux guarded by three Harpies. Move closer or shoot one of the Harpies to start the event. The entire event revolves around forces of Vex trying to get in close to the conflux in order to charge it. You must prevent them from reaching the conflux within the time limit to achieve Gold ranking.
    Heroic Requirement: You must stand on three capture plates around the event to activate a beacon. This should trigger the Heroic event. Once activated, you must deal with more difficult enemies, Vex Cyclops, and Boss Hydra. At the end, if three sacrifices were remaining, the count is increased to three. You must complete the event with at least one sacrifice remaining.
    -Taken Blight
    You encounter an infected Taken Blight that spawns a Taken pylon along with several Taken enemies that shower in an ‘aura’ whenever they are near the Taken Blight. The Taken enemies continue to bathe in the ‘aura’ and can die to cause the Blight some damage. The process continues for three waves with each wave lasting for about a minute and a half. In order to earn the Gold ranking, you must kill many Taken enemies in each wave and the Taken Blight before the time runs out.
    Heroic Requirement: You need to jump in the smaller blight and then back out, to get the buff "blight receding". This lasts for 5 seconds, can be refreshed by jumping back in, and allows you to damage the main blight by shooting at it. After doing enough damage, the boss "Blightmaker" will spawn.
    -Weapons Exchange
    You encounter a group of Fallen trying to extract Glimmer. Kill the Fallen Captain and you will force an Arsenal Walker to appear. You must defeat this Arsenal Walker before the time runs out to earn the Gold ranking.
    Heroic Requirement: You should be able to see three weapon caches near the Arsenal Walker with each having two generators that you can access with an Arc Charge. Blow a leg plate off the Arsenal Tank, grab Arc Charges, and deactivate all the generators to open up all weapon caches. By doing so, you will force another Arsenal Walker to join the fray. Defeat them both for the Heroic completion and rewards.
    -Witches Ritual
    You come across a couple of Hive Wizards trying to open up a Hive portal. You must kill the nearby Hive Knights protecting the sigil plates followed by killing both the Wizards to force a Boss Wizard to appear in the game. Kill it before the time runs out to complete the event.
    Heroic Requirement: After killing the two shielded Wizards, find two shielded Hive crystals on the column of the portal before the Boss Wizard appears. Recapture the sigil plates to remove the shields off the crystals and destroy them one after the other to gain some additional seconds. With both the crystals destroyed, defeat a Darkblade Boss Knight to complete the event.

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    Great info!

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