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    Spent some time with this one. All I can say is wow!

    First off, the art style and audio is nothing short of amazing. Everything is hand drawn and the backgrounds are watercolored. I'm not sure how they did it, but I'm in love with the look (think cartoons from the 1930's). From the IGN review:

    Somehow it manages to balance dozens of moving elements and a slight rear-projection blur without ever feeling unreadable in even the most frantic moments. There has never been a game that looks like this and there may never be again. Every scene is a masterwork – it’s a near-unbelievable achievement for an art style.
    The game won't appeal to everyone. It's hard. I mean brutally hard. Each stage is pretty much a boss battle. There are no checkpoints and you cannot replenish hit points. There are a few other types of stages, but the boss battle makes up the most of the game. I've conquered (I think) 4 of these so far, and the diversity and imagination of these is great. The last one I beat took a bit over 90 minutes, but I never got bored. Every time I died I yearned for another go. I couldn't stop; I had to master it. You will die a lot, and curse at the TV and yell at your dog (or cat or child or significant other); I just hope you're not a rage controller tosser. But the feeling of accomplishment when you finally beat a level is phenomenal.

    This is one of those indy games that is a gem and is easily better than many big time games out there (think Ori and the Blind Forest). It's original and fun as hell. In my running for GotY.
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    It's an Xbox exclusive, isn't it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by TonkaToys View Post
    It's an Xbox exclusive, isn't it?

    Yes it is. It looks amazing, but seems like it'll make people rage more than Dark Souls.

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    A lot of folks have had their eye on this one for a long time now, glad to see it's finally out! Absolutely not my type of game, never geen good at, nor particularly enjoy platformers, bullethell games, etc. But will definitely be picking this up for PC at some point as I love the art style and want to experience such a unique game for myself, regardless of the frustration it's bound to cause me.

    Funko also already has some vinyl POP figures in the works

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