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    Gran Turismo is coming

    Looks like the hype train has started rolling for Gran Turismo.

    Nissan modify a GT-R to be controlled by a PS4 controller

    Lewis Hamilton will provide in-game guidance
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    Just watched a good chunk of these reviews:

    I really like what they've done with the on-line racing stuff, so I think I am going to pick this up. The "ghosting" feature that causes a car that badly misses a corner to instantly become invisible and not cause a huge wreck is really awesome and will be huge for on-line racing. Also like the player ranking and matchmaking features - I got sick pretty fast of getting my ass kicked in Driveclub.

    I'm also pretty impressed by the training module where you can learn each corner of the tracks by running it again and again.

    A lot of the PSVR guys are pissed that not more of the game was done in VR - it's basically just a head-to-head race against one AI car - but I'm OK with that if they have a really robust on-line racing feature - which it sounds like they do.

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