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    The Future of

    On July 8th, the web hosting for these forums will be expiring.

    Normally, the yearly renewal is handled more or less behind the scenes, occasionally we've passed the hat amongst members to help us scratch up the $ for the hosting costs.

    The last year has seen many changes to Team MP, our community and interactions, with a lot of the activity shifting over to our discord server.
    Because of this, and declining use of this forum, instead of going through our usual annual routine with renewing, I thought I would put the question to the members, and see what the community is thinking.

    The cost for another year of hosting is $95.88, so, not exactly a pile of money. I imagine we could scrape it up with small contributions from our members pretty quickly. So the question is really, whether our members feel it is worth it to contribute to keep this particular site up and running.

    Obviously, our Discord isn't going anywhere, so we aren't debating the future of the team itself, just the domain name and website hosting.

    On one hand, it's pretty quiet and not used as much as Discord.
    On the other hand, it's a portal that's easy to point folks to, the discussions here have a longer 'life' than on Discord, etc.
    I'm sure there're other pros/cons I'm not thinking of, feel free to throw in your 2 cents.


    Show your support for! Donate through paypal to donations of any amount are appreciated! 100% money back guarantee. If we don't meet our goal, all donations will be refunded.

    Only $15 0$ to go! Thanks guys!
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