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Thread: MP Tournaments

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    MP Tournaments

    So I thought the PUBG tournament went well, aside from some minor hitches and some people not being able to make it.

    Would love to have another one or even turn it into a monthly thing. I'm looking for some feedback for other types of tournaments we could do. A Blackout one is obvious but we are limited in the number of players we have (at least on Xbox, might be a good way to get more of our Playstation folks to come around).

    Unfortunately Fortnite is currently a no because Epic has not made custom matches open to everyone.

    The other game I'm thinking of would be Rocket League, which would be pretty fun as it would be open to all, across XB1, PC & PS4.

    #1 Would you want another PUBG tournament (perhaps in First Person this time).

    #2 Interest in Rocket League?

    #3 Any other games that could be done?
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