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    Links to Active Player Lists for New Recruits

    As a new recruit, your first stop is to post your introduction here: *-*-*-Post-Your-Introduction-Here!-*-*-*

    Your next step is to post your information (Friend Code for Wii, PSN ID for Playstation 3, Gamer Tag for Xbox 360) on the appropriate Active Player List for whichever games you are currently playing. Links to the Active Player Lists can be found below. To have your name added, please Private Message any moderator or admin with your name and Gamertag once you have a copy of the game.

    As a new recruit it is your responsibility to add the people whose names are listed on the Active Player Lists before you.
    Do not wait for others to add you. This step, and the fact that you have to be a parent, are the only two requirements to become a member of Team MP. Also, please include something regarding Team MP in your friend request so people know you are a new recruit and not just a random friend request.

    Also, if you get rid of a game and will no longer be playing it, please Private Message any moderator or admin so that your name can be removed from the list. Thank you and welcome to Team MP!!!

    Playstation 4 Active Player Lists:

    Xbox 360 Active Player Lists:

    Playstation 3 Active Player Lists:

    Wii-U Friend Code Lists:

    Wii Friend Code Lists:
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