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    Clan Code of Conduct (CoC)

    Team MP Code of Conduct & Posting Guidelines (effective 08/26/2014):

    In order to keep our group civil and within the highest standards of fair play, as a member of Team MP you will agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct. Disregard for the Code of Conduct will result in removal of membership privileges temporarily or up to indefinitely based on the judgment of the clan.

    1. Be respectful. Any personal problems between members of Team MP and/or non-members should either be addressed between the involved parties via Private Messages or with the Clan Administrators via Private Messages. Problems should not be aired in the forums or with other players present on voice chat. If the administrators decide an issue requires the input of the entire clan then, and only then, will a topic be posted for discussion.

    2. No antagonistic fanboyism, bashing, or defensiveness. Team MP is a large group spanning all the major gaming systems and franchises, and obviously there will be differences of opinion between the members. While having favorites is normal and open discussion is actively encouraged and is critical for the livelihood of any online forum, resorting to demeaning insults and baseless bashing for the sole purpose of upsetting others does nothing to help further discussion. However, just because somebody has a negative opinion of something you enjoy doesn’t mean that person is guilty of violating this rule, and being aggressively defensive is also not tolerated. Opinions based on personal experience and observation, both positive and negative, are necessary parts of any honest discussion and neither will be censored on the Team MP site.

    3. No glitching in public matches. Glitching is defined as using any known game defects not intended by the developer. The only time utilizing a glitch is allowed is to kill someone who used a glitch first, and even then you are only allowed to kill the glitcher -- no one else.

    4. No hacking in public matches. Hacking is defined as manipulating game code through any means not provided by the games publisher to alter a game and/or system in order to generate abnormal behavior, including, but not limited to, unlimited health and ammunition “cheats.”

    5. Utilizing a lag switch or any such device to manipulate players' connections is always prohibited.

    6. Boosting, the practice of improving ones stats by playing against someone whose purpose is to let you win, is forbidden. Cooperating with other members to attain unlockables and/or achievements/trophies is only permitted in non-competitive play.

    7. Members of Team MP are expected to give preference to teaming up with fellow members over playing with non-members when possible. However, we realize that friendships and family obviously exist outside of Team MP and members of Team MP are permitted to play with members of other clans and/or non-affiliated players. Just understand that the more you invite and play with other Team MP members the more likely you are to be invited to their games.

    8. Two-timing, defined as being a member of more than one clan at a time, is allowed as long as seperate accounts are maintained for Team MP and any other group. A member of Team MP who wishes to maintain membership in another clan is permitted to do so as long as that member does not try to recruit, advertise, or otherwise promote their other clan on this website or over voice chat while playing with members of Team MP. Information for the member's other clan will not be included on the Master Lists. Friends of the Clan or members of other clans who do not wish to join Team MP can still have their information posted in the appropriate area of the Master Lists.

    9. The following general guidelines should be followed when posting on the Team MP site:

    • Absolutely no personal attacks/insults, threats of violence, or demeaning posts based on race, nationality, religion, sex, or sexuality. These types of posts will result in the violating party being immediately and permanently banned from Team MP.

    • Please no topics concerning politics or religion. No other topics (save parenting: post at your own risk) bring forth as much deep-seated feelings and ideals as these. It's an argument waiting to happen.

    • Shout outs, props, and "Good games" belong in the War Stories threads. There is one in each major game forum.

    • Try not to double post. The Edit button is there for a reason. Learn it, know it, live it.

    • No cross posting (posting the same thing in multiple topics or forums).

    • No warez or other talk related to circumventing copyrights and/or hacking.

    • No links to or images of p0norgraphy [sic]. Some people read this site at work and would rather it not end up on the filtered list.

    • For other content that may be considered Not Safe For Work, label any links and topics as "NSFW."

    • NO SPOILERS! Please use the spoiler tag to hide them from plain view.

    • Board members who are members of other clans are forbidden to actively recruit on the Team MP forum. Your posts will be removed and your account may be banned.
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